The Balearic government is backing traditional bakers. | Archive


A new brand to highlight the distinctive quality of local bread was launched at a presentation today. The regional minister for trade and industry, Iago Negueruela, was at the event for "Pa d'Aquí, forn i tradició" (bread from here, oven and tradition), which distinguishes traditional bread from that made industrially. The initiative has been driven by the Institute for Business Development, the Balearic bakers' association, the EDIB design school and the Balearic school of hostelry.

Bakeries which bake their own bread are to be identified with the brand, which is part of a campaign to ensure the future of traditional bakery. In order to qualify for the brand to be displayed, bakeries need to have their own oven and to provide a minimum of 70% of their own product. According to the bakers' association, there are some 280 ovens for up to 600 establishments which will be eligible.

A recent report by the national food ministry identified the Balearics as being one of three regions of Spain (the Canaries and Madrid are the other two) where the least amount of bread is consumed. It has become clear that the local bread tradition needs to be promoted, and there have been other developments in this regard, such as the revival of the "llonguet".