Residents of El Terreno are indignant at the lack of police activity.


Residents in Arenal have made their feelings known about a lack of attention by the town hall as well as limited police presence and activity to deal with increasing problems of noise and crime. Now, the people of another part of Palma, El Terreno, are saying that they've had enough as well.

"If the local police and National Police don't defend us, we will do it ourselves. We will not stand back and see the area destroyed." This is one view to be expressed by local residents, who are sick and tired of what happens every weekend: fights, people urinating in the streets, anti-social behaviour and street drinking.

Xavier Abraham, the president of the residents' association, says: "Worst of all are the points of sale for drugs that operate 24 hours a day and the constant threats from criminals. We denounced all this a year ago and nothing has changed. We area looking into the possibility of creating our own patrols and other measures in order to defend ourselves."

The town hall says that it understands that there is a problem and is committed to finding a solution. The public safety department adds that the main focus of the problems is centred on an area classified as a special protection zone.