Today's meeting to present aspects of the draft housing law.

23-11-2016@iBalears (Govern Illes Balears)

The draft of the new housing law was presented today to those institutions and other organisations which will be directly affected by it. The principles behind the law had been summed up in parliament on Tuesday by President Armengol. Replying to Alberto Jarabo of Podemos, she said that it will provide a service to the citizens and not to the interests of the corrupt. The law is a fundamental aspect of the agreements for government drawn up in 2015 by Armengol's PSOE party, Més and Podemos.

Key elements of the law will be the prohibiting of evictions if there isn't a cheaper alternative for renting, while banks and large businesses will have to provide empty flats for government use as social housing.

Utilities (electricity, gas, water) will have to advise town halls' social services departments before supplies can be cut off. This, it is hoped, will allow a "solution" to be found.

Businesses which do not register empty flats on a registry of social rental will be subject to fines of 30,000 euros, which can increase to 90,000 euros for serious infringements.


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S. / Hace over 5 years

This is a draft. Have they thought of the total chaos that these proposals will cause ?. Owners can not, and will not be able to evict tenants, who have not paid rent for many months, if not years. I for see tremendous problems occurring, should this draft become law.


Emma / Hace over 5 years

Fines, fines, fines that is the Spanish way.