The regional government is determined to give workers in whichever sector greater job security.


One in three job contracts studied by employment and social security inspectors this year were fraudulent. Employment minister Iago Negueruela made this announcement today as part of his report of the 2016 inspection campaign and of the plans for 2017.

Up to the end of October, 15,425 inspections were made in the Balearics, an increase of 6.5% over last year. These resulted in the uncovering of 82% more infractions - a total of 1,118. The total value of fines went up from 2.2 million to 2.8 million euros.

Negueruela said that the results show the need to increase inspections of working conditions and of contracts. "The main focus is on temporary and partial working, hours and health."

Between January and October 20,304 temporary contracts were reviewed, and 5,749 were changed to permanent. In terms of hours, 415 fines were issued (154% more than in 2015) because of excessive working.

The most important thing, Negueruela noted, is to focus on objectives and to to continue detecting irregularities so that there is more satisfactory performance in the labour market. He stressed that most companies stick to the rules but observed that there is still too much non-compliance.

Next year, there are more than 17,000 inspections planned that will check on occupational risks, employment and labour relations, irregular working, social security affiliation and foreigners.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

I agree. The headline is misleading. It leads one to be understand that 33% of all contracts are "fraudalent" when it is only the ones they have inspected which are obviously places where overtime has do be done to be able to look after your customers as they deserve. It is no longer possible to efficiently run a business with the out of date laws they are applied. Franco died 40 years ago. They have had plenty of time to modernise them. The problem are the unions who are more than happy to keep things like they are with absolutely no thought for part time or seasonal workers as they are not their "customers".


Arthur / Hace over 5 years

Spanish employment contracts are outdated, backward and this causes for the increase in unemployment and the difficulty for the young to be recruited. An employer has to write down the hours that an employee is contracted to, by law he should notify the gestoria if he wishes the employee to cover a different hour, eg. cover someones holiday or sickness. Companies cannot operate efficiently with this outdated Franco method. Many hospitality businesses in Spain cannot operate with this. Time to modernise Spain and update, to make your economy fly. Any business owner knows how outdated the system is.