A session at the Council of Majorca. | Joan Torres


Municipal projects to be funded by the Council of Majorca next year will be worth a total of 30 million euros. The money comes from two funding plans - one for aid and the other for financially sustainable investment - and will be used for 244 projects in all. Of these, there will be seventy for energy efficiency and saving; 56 apiece for roads and local water networks; 47 for municipal buildings and facilities; and seventeen for removing architectural barriers, i.e. obstacles to accessibility.

Joan Font, the councillor for local development, said yesterday that the investment shows the clear willingness of the Council to support municipalities and the smallest ones in particular. Moreover, the 30 million will represent a significant economic contribution, as the projects will be carried out by local businesses. "The figure of 30 million marks a milestone for the Council, which has never before allocated so much money to Majorca's municipalities." On top of this figure, he noted, there are also 1.6 million euros for the purchase of electric vehicles and 1.5 million for current spending needs.

Town halls will have until the end of March to award contracts for projects.