The tourism season in Santa Ponsa is lengthening. | Pere Bota


More hotels in Paguera and Santa Ponsa will open earlier than usual next year. Alejandro Garrido of the Paguera-Cala Fornells association says that hoteliers are looking to achieve a ten-month season from February to November, and so the number of hotels that will reopen in February will rise by between 10 and 15 per cent. Of the 72 hotels in Paguera, 60% opened at the start of February this year. This figure will rise to up to 75% in 2017. He adds that hotel renovations and a repositioning of the tourist product with a greater focus on sports tourism in the low season have been factors in bringing about earlier openings.

Antonio Roses in Santa Ponsa observes that there is a clear trend towards opening earlier. Most of the 32 hotels will open between 10 and 20 March, meaning that the resort will gain up to a month and a half for its season.

Both hotelier representatives note that the 2016 season was a highly satisfactory one in terms of occupancy and prices: these rose by up to five per cent in Paguera and seven per cent in Santa Ponsa. The increased prices were a reflection of improvements made to hotels.

Calvia mayor Antonio Rodríguez, who was with Garrido and Roses for a presentation of prospects for 2017, said that the town hall remains committed to accompanying hotel investments by improving services and infrastructure.