The National Police were kept busy in Palma in January. | R.S.


In January the National Police arrested 36 people who had committed burglaries in Palma, 30 of them from commercial establishments and six from houses. As a result of the arrests, the police have been able to clear up 70% of the burglaries.

Some of those detained were involved in more than one crime, and those with previous convictions are among several who have been sent to prison. One of the targets for the burglaries was the headquarters of an association for the disabled. Eight break-ins had caused a good deal of alarm in the area and unease among those responsible for the association. They couldn't understand why a centre for providing a social service would be a target.

One of those arrested was charged with six robberies from establishments such as cafes and hairdressers; these were in the centre of the city and along the Paseo Marítimo. The individual concerned was travelling from Manacor to commit the crimes.

Other actions included one against a group of minors, all of them with previous offences and habitual burglars. Several of them have been placed in a reform centre.