Iñaki Urdangarin arriving at court this morning.


Iñaki Urdangarin is on conditional release, the court in Palma today having decided that he need not go immediately to prison. He will be obliged to present himself on the first of each month to the judicial authority in Switzerland, which is where he lives, and to inform the court of any movement outside the European Union or of any change of address.

He has therefore not been obliged to hand in his passport, but under conditional release terms for Diego Torres, Urdangarin's former business partner, Torres has had to and so is not allowed to leave Spain. Torres will also need to present himself to the nearest court to his home on the first of each month.

The court did not require them to pay bail - Urdangarin told the court he didn't have the means to do so in any event - and observed that at no time have they attempted to evade the justice system.

The prosecutor Pedro Horrach had sought bail payments of 200,000 euros for Urdangarin and 100,000 euros for Torres, demands that the judge, Samantha Torres, dismissed. In the case of Urdangarin, he had already lodged almost 1.2 million euros as a civil liability bond, of which over 225,000 euros could be returned to him; his sentence ordered a payment of just 970,000 euros. This amount is still being held until the appeal process has been concluded.

The hearing started at 10.30 and lasted just over half an hour. It then took two hours for the court to arrive at its decision. Urdangarin arrived a quarter of an hour before, carrying a backpack. He was greeted with jeers and cries of "thief", "return the money". His wife, Princess Cristina, did not accompany him.


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louisse / Hace over 4 years

OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Spain has no justice system and its wrong ! These people stole from the people and both him and his wife without question should go to jail! If it were a normal person they would be put to jail with the key thrown away.. its disgusting and they should both be punished! One rule for the rich and one rule for the normal working person


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

I would be surprised if he ever does any time inside.


E Weldon / Hace over 4 years

Well---No Surprise there then! We all knew he'd get off with it!! One law for the Rich and One for the Poor!!!!!