Etiqueta 'Noos trial'
Diego Torres, Iñaki Urdangarin and Jaume Matas, summoned to appear in court today.

Nóos trial

Urdangarin summoned to hear prison order

The King's brother-in-law has had his sentence cut but only by five months.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/06/2018 00:00

Iñaki Urdangarin leaving court in Palma last year.

Nóos trial

Urdangarin appeal ruling due next month

The husband of Princess Cristina appealed to the Supreme Court against a six year and three month sentence.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/04/2018 00:00

Iñaki Urdangarin. The prosecution service wants his sentence to be increased.

Nóos trial

Urdangarin seeking acquittal by the Supreme Court

Urdangarin maintains that his sentence was based on "illogical and absurd grounds".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/08/2017 00:00

Iñaki Urdangarin is currently at liberty pending his appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nóos trial

Supreme Court will determine if Urdangarin goes to prison

The anti-corruption prosecutor explained that without knowing the content of the appeals, it was difficult to assess them.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/04/2017 00:00

Anti-corruption prosecutor Pedro Horrach on his way to court yesterday.

Nóos trial

Més accuse court of showing favourable treatment to Urdangarin

"To be sentenced to six and eight years in prison and to not enter prison for now is not normal."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/02/2017 00:00

Iñaki Urdangarin will learn on Thursday if he has to go to prison immediately.

Nóos trial

Supreme Court appeal for recovery of Nóos funds

The Balearic attorney's office is to lodge an appeal which will seek to recover the 2.3 million euros that were paid to the Instituto Nóos.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/02/2017 00:00

Police hold back the crush as prosecutor Pedro Horrach addresses the media.

Nóos trial

The Nóos verdicts: no real surprise

"We have endured years during which corruption has taken its toll, and now is the time to clean up the wounds of that corruption."

Andrew Ede18/02/2017 00:00

Noos trial

Six year jail sentence for King's brother-in-law

Princess Cristina was acquitted on tax fraud charges but will still pay a fine.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter17/02/2017 00:00

Princess Cristina and husband Iñaki Urdangarin arriving at court last year.

Noos trial

Princess verdict to be announced at midday today

Princess Cristina, who was prosecuted by Manos Limpias rather than the state, faced a call of eight years in prison.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/02/2017 00:00

Virginia López Negrete during the Nóos trial in Palma.


Princess prosecuting lawyer under investigation

Virginia López Negrete has been cited as under investigation for belonging to a criminal organisation and extortion.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/09/2016 00:00

Princess Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin returned to court today for the start of the trial's conclusions.

Nóos trial

Manos Limpias pressing for Cristina eight-year sentence

"The Infanta knew that everything she was doing was illegal, but she chose to look the other way."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/06/2016 00:00

Chief anti-corruption prosecutor Pedro Horrach.

Nóos trial

Son of former IOC president testifying to Nóos trial

Next week should be the final week for witnesses in the trial of the 17 accused, one of whom is Princess Cristina.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/05/2016 00:00

Princess Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin arriving at the Balearic School of Public Administration, which is housing the court for the Noos trial.

Nóos trial

Princess Cristina comes to court

Princess Cristina has appeared in court this morning on charges of tax fraud.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/01/2016 00:00