The Mar i Pins may reopen as a residence for senior citizens. | Alejandro Sepulveda


The auction of Paguera's Mar i Pins Hotel has been won by an Austrian company, Harald Fischl Holding GmbH. The CEO and founder of the company, i.e. Harald Fischl, was represented by three law firms in offering 12,561,957 euros for the hotel, which was the property of the Russian Alexander Romanov, jailed for three years and nine months for money laundering.

The hotel was auctioned by the Hacienda, it having become the property of the state under an agreement with Romanov for paying a fine for the same crime. Fischl's bid price matched the reserve that had been placed on the hotel. There was reasonable interest in the hotel but in the end there was just the one offer.

It is understood that around ten investors showed an interest in the 65-room hotel, but they all, with the exception of Fischl, considered the value placed on it to be too high. In order to be awarded the hotel, Fischl's lawyers had to lodge a five per cent deposit.

In addition to the auction price, there will be a four per cent transfer tax, meaning that the total cost rises to over 13 million. The sale operation should now be approved by the department for state assets and subsequently ratified by a relevant ministerial order.  

Fischl has various business interests, such as the Wienerwald restaurant chain that he acquired in 2006, as well as previous sporting interests as president of basketball and football clubs. He is also involved in politics with the right-wing FPÖ/BZÖ in Austria. His lawyers say that he may decide to continue to operate the Mar i Pins as a hotel or possibly convert it into a residence for senior citizens; his company already has such residences.

Romanov acquired the hotel in 2010 along with the annexe mansion, which did not form part of the auction.