Whatever its name might be in the future, there is demand for the airport to be co-managed. | R.L.


Co-management of airports in the Balearics has long been demanded and not just by the regional government. The likelihood of this ever coming about is remote and may become more remote if the national government sells off some of its 51% existing stake in the airports authority Aena.

Nevertheless, the campaign for co-management isn't going away, and Més are seeking to inspire a social movement in the Balearics in order to demand co-management.

At a meeting at the UGT union's headquarters, Més called for the "defence of self-goverment of our airport (specifically, therefore, Palma)". This would be in order to "serve the needs of the island and of the people". Spokesperson David Abril said that Més don't wish to lead this movement but have felt that the time was right to launch it and to raise a debate regarding future actions aimed at securing co-management.

Among groups which were invited were unions, associations in support of a fair system of financing for Majorca and the Balearics and residents of Sant Jordi in Palma. However, environmentalists GOB didn't attend.

They opposed the meeting because in their opinion parties which form the government (such as Més) have institutional responsibilities. These do not extend to leading social movements or platforms. GOB is in favour of co-management but considers the issue to be a key part of the debate related to tourist containment, which is what the government, and so therefore Més, should be addressing.

GOB has called for tourist numbers to be reduced and for limits on numbers to be set; "something which the government is not doing." This is a matter which has created some distance between GOB and Més, whereas they have typically been close in the past.

Abril believed that GOB should have participated so that everyone can move ahead on the co-management issue together.