Palma airport has of course had problems with its own air-traffic controllers, but industrial action in Spain is nothing like in France. | R.D.

By mid-afternoon today, 24 flights into and out of Spanish airports were cancelled because of the latest industrial action by French air-traffic controllers. One Palma flight was affected, but Barcelona was the worst hit by more than half the cancellations.

A total of 161 flights between Spanish and French airports were scheduled today, and the number of cancellations may yet increase. The French civil aviation authority was advising airlines to reduce operations controlled by three centres affected by strike action - Brest, Bordeaux and Aix en Provence.

Industrial action is due to continue until Friday, and this latest bout received a strong rebuke from Majorca's travel press today, Preferente describing the fortieth protest in three years as an "intolerable cancer" without any labour reasons to justify it. Rather, it is an "abusive, endemic conflict".