Transport minister Marc Pons with taxi-driver representatives.

03-03-2017M. Joy

Although taxi driver representatives are still not happy with the bus routes from the airport to resorts - which the government will "impose" as from May - they are saying that the document will be signed next week. They have no plans to stage any more protests.

Despite agreement not having been reached on Monday, minister Marc Pons was satisfied and said he expects things to be firmed up in a week's time. He added that the "government has no intention of pressurising anyone", observing that the negotiations have been complex. "Both sides have had to give, but in the end there will be agreement for a document that benefits public transport in Majorca."

As previously announced, there have been adjustments to the frequency of services and to fares: respectively, these have been reduced and increased. There will be twelve services to Alcudia and Calvia, ten to Cala d'Or and fourteen to Cala Millor. Fares will be seven euros to Calvia, nine euros to Cala d'Or, ten to Alcudia and twelve to Cala Millor. The services will run all year.

The additional stops en route will mean that in the case of the Cala d'Or service, it will stop in Arenal, the Son Noguera poligono, Llucmajor, Campos and Santanyi. With the Cala Millor/Cala Bona service, this will go via Algaida, Montuiri, Manacor, Porto Cristo and S'Illot. The two Calvia services will now just be the one and will go to Portals Nous, Son Caliu, Palmanova, Magalluf, Paguera and Santa Ponsa. The Alcudia/Can Picafort service will stop in Marratxi and Inca.

Full information regarding the services can be found at


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Charlene / Hace over 4 years

What about a bus service to the airport from Portitxol and Molinar we are the closest and have to walk into Palma to take the airport bus and a taxi will charge almost 20 euro.


Holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

Ron You need to get one of those intermodel cards that allow you to travel on the Red buses at a reduced rate to the tourists. They advertise them on the Tib site. Was not talking about the blue buses just the red buses. Like the soller train prices for residents and prices for tourists.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Holidaymaker - do I have to thank you? As a retired British national and Spanish resident I do receive half price travel on TIB buses and trains. The only difference between us and UK pensioners is that you receive FREE bus travel. Students here and in UK receive discounted travel. Only Palma residents can receive discounted EMT travel. Believe me you tourists do not subsidise our fares!!


Holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

If you read my comments correctly Andrew I stated that the bus service is a joke and in fact the bus service only goes to a central point in each resort so it is not door to door as you implied . The resort hoppa provides a better service as it is door to door . Why do tourists subsidise residents on the bus services from the bus station as residents with cards pay half the price of tourists and that is a fact . People can get a bus from Barcelona and Alicante to the resorts so what's different about Palma . It's all about freedom of choice and people being able to decide on Taxi bus or Resort Hoppa not being told what to do by Taxi drivers . I get a return taxi from the airport 4 times a year and own a property in Mallorca and it is my opinion that people should be allowed choice .


Andrew / Hace over 4 years

Holidaymaker, if you dont want to go on a mystery tour, catch a taxi. If you want door to door service you need to pay for it just like anywhere else in the world. Why should residents have to subsidize a bus service that takes you to your hotel door. Shame on you for expecting a taxi service for the price of a bus service.


Holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

So really what they are saying is that its just really another Resort Hopper service. Its just one big Joke. Who wants to go on a mystery tour and visit all the different resorts ? Well done Taxi drivers you are definatley in the driving seat when it comes to control of public transport and shame on the Mallorcan Government !!!!


Frank / Hace over 4 years

Regarding the Calviá service. Does anyone want to calculate how long it will take for one bus service to make all of those stops both ways and then return to the airport. I'm guessing the service will be in the region of once every 2 hours or so, which won't suit so many tourists. I can't believe that many would want to wait for more than half an hour in the heat after arriving here, especially with kids, many will want a drink or food, but not at airport prices.

In any case, €28 for four people is not such a saving when lost holiday hours are so precious.


Steve Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

Well, for the poorer tourists going the main Calvia resorts that's still an alternative for as long as it lasts, locals have other ways of going back and forth anyway of course. If the timetables are not geared to flight arrival and departure times they'll lose money and close down anyway.