Are fast lanes on motorway central reservations feasible?

04-10-2016Alejandro Sepulveda

One of the more controversial proposals in the transport plan for Majorca has been for fast lanes on stretches of motorway coming into Palma. These would be created on central reservations and be used by "vehicles of high occupancy".

There are some snags with this proposal. Mercedes Garrido, the Council of Majorca's councillor for infrastructure, says that a feasibility study will be needed. Consideration would need to be given to the "dimensions of Majorca". It is a small island and motorway exits are close together. If the fast lane is in the centre, then it would be necessary for vehicles to cross lanes of traffic. She nevertheless thinks that the proposal is a good one in that there is currently not enough thought given to Palma's public transport needs.

The dean of the college for roads, canals and ports engineers, Juan Antonio Esteban, believes that the proposal is positive from a social point of view but otherwise he questions it. There would be a high cost as well as difficulties in adapting existing road structures. With things as they currently are, he doesn't think that the proposal is viable. For it to be, there would need to be a space of more than nine metres. This would only be possible on certain sections. An alternative would be for the fast lane to be elevated, but he rejects this because of the cost and the scenic impact.

He accepts that the proposal could make sense for motorways which are "saturated". But in the case of the Llucmajor and Andratx motorways, which are the two for which the fast lane has been proposed, there isn't this saturation. "There may be measures equally useful but at a lower cost."


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mina / Hace over 4 years

concerns about environment! why are there so many cars in Mallorca just to travel to work and back? Good public transportation is the answer. less pollution less hassle.


Jonmlb / Hace over 4 years

This isn't New York it's a tiny rock that's takes just over one hour to drive end to end . How much time will be saved by a bus lane from Santa ponsa to Palma?more damage to the environment for what?


mina / Hace over 4 years

Here in New York City the fast bus lane has worked for the good of the passenger and all round. It makes boarding faster and easier (especially people with disabilities and use of wheelchairs) keeps buses out of traffic and running on time. Should be considered, in the long run its worth it.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 4 years

They tried this on the M4 in London. Whilst the idea is a good one they have to make sure that enough vehicles were provided to use it. On the M4 experience the Bus Company that was going to use it most cut out their service therefore leaving it empty most of the day. Annoying if you're stuck in a traffic jam alongside it.