A teepee for rent in Can Picafort. | Airbnb.com


Rentals in Majorca available via Airbnb are not confined to apartments or houses. There are also tents, motor homes and even a tree house. And prices are competitive - from ten to 38 euros a night.

While all the talk is about the Balearic government's legislation and of pressure on accommodation, there is an alternative. It involves having some land and tents that can be bought at leading stores. This is the case at Experience Nature Lapin (also Escargot and Lezard) in Algaida. The Airbnb pages for each offer an experience in the natural heart and countryside of Majorca. Apart from the accommodation, the facilities are confined to barbecues, outdoor showers and ecological toilets.

There is also a tree house in Llubi for 35 euros a night. The shower for this is a hose hanging from a tree. It offers an original and romantic experience in nature. Its ecological virtues are such that chemical soaps and shampoos are not allowed.

Also via Airbnb are tents in Manacor which are situated in orange groves and among lemon and carob trees. For those taking their own tent, the cost per night is ten euros. Otherwise, there is, for instance, a large tent which accommodates four people.

Then there is a teepee in Can Picafort. For 38 euros one gets a double mattress and mosquito nets. In Llucmajor is a motor home for 35 euros.