Reluctantly, the decision has been taken to moderate reader comments for all items which appear on the website. This policy takes effect with today's stories.

It is not possible to constantly monitor comments, so the decision has been taken because of a libellous comment which was posted yesterday. This followed what had been some occasional other comments, which had tested our patience.

We thank you for your comments and for your interest. Because of the moderation, comments will not appear straightaway. Every attempt will be made to ensure that they do so as swiftly as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

It's a difficult balancing act. Even independent posters/readers are covered by the same laws of libel that also cover newspaper editors, journalists and by definition - newspaper owners. The problem with allowing readers to 'sound off' when they possibly do not understand the law is that if the reader gets it wrong with a libellous comment posted directly is that the newspaper is also guilty because it is the publishing organ for that comment. A sad day BUT moderation solves the problem. I hope the Bulletin has the guts not to use this moderation to censor critical but not illegal comments about the newspaper itself!


Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

May I suggest that the advisory note or explanation, be translated into english as well ?


Ron / Hace over 4 years

I have noticed a fair amount of slanging matches lately targeting other bloggers. The idea of blogging should be to offer comment, constructive criticism and praise where it is deserved. (Except of course for the politicians who are fair game, thick skinned and are well used to their own slanging matches!)


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

It's called censorship,if you can't stand the heat,get out of the kitchen,especially if you can't stand criticism.


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Just another example of the increasing rise of the suppression of free speech. We are now being faced with the fact that one can no longer say I disagree with your point of view. People died to give us freedom of speech, let's hope their sacrifice never becomes in vain.


Dave / Hace over 4 years

In my experience, websites that monitor comments before publishing soon die. Speed is important and people wont bother if comments are published instantly. You may as well just not give the option to comment. Your loss.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Tried to comment today. On loss of Ryanair Flights. Twice I have been rejected. As far as I know, none of my comments have been offensive etc. Although, I have just been overcharged by Gold Car for a weeks Hire,via the Ryanair web site.