Actual passenger numbers at Palma seem bound to rise given the increase in available places. | P. Lozano


The summer season where Balearic airports are concerned is confusingly defined as starting on 26 March and finishing on 28 October. Over this period, airlines have programmed a 10.5% increase in the number of places - a total of more than 41 million for the three airports. The number of flights is scheduled to rise by almost ten per cent.

The highest growth will be in the early and late months, and this growth is being assisted by the creation of 71 new routes: 614 in all will operate in and out of Balearic airports.

As far as Palma is concerned, the growth in airline places is forecast to rise by more than eleven per cent to 28.8 million. A similar percentage growth is expected for the number of flights, which will increase to more than 164,000.

German routes will supply the most places (9.6 million), a rise of six per cent, followed by UK routes (6.2 million, up by 14%) and then Spanish (5.3 million and a rise of over 15%). French, Swiss and Italian routes are also up significantly.

There will be 372 routes in and out of Palma, which will be 47 more than last year.

Ibiza and Minorca airports anticipate increases in airline places of respectively 9.5 and 7%, meaning 8.8 million and 3.7 million places. Spanish routes supply the most for both these airports, with UK airlines second.