The residents federation backs the town hall and new regulations for terraces in Palma. | R.L.


The town hall having made its latest announcement about the planned bylaw governing Palma's "public way", it is the turn of the federation of residents' association to have its say. Ahead of what will be another record tourism season, it is requesting a reduction in the amount of space terraces occupy. This is in order to guarantee "co-existence".

Its president, Joan Forteza, says that the new ordinance will not be in force by the start of the season, so he wants the town hall to make regulatory change a matter of urgency. The federation agrees with the bylaw provisions regarding the distance a terrace should be from the likes of public buildings, but it has additional requirements: guaranteeing a space of three metres for pedestrians; furniture to be removed at the end of each day; terraces not to be larger than the premises themselves and only being in front of the relevant bar or restaurant. Moreover, it wants licences to specify the number of tables, chairs and parasols.

Forteza insists that the federation is looking after the interests of residents and not the business interests of bar and restaurants owners.

It might be noted that the federation is not the sole representative of residents in Palma. There are other associations, and they do not necessarily agree with everything the federation demands.