Muro was one of the municipalities where hotels did particularly well last year. Pictured here is the five-star Be Live Palace de Muro Hotel. | Andrew Ede


In almost three-quarters of Spain's tourist destinations, levels of hotel profitability are exceeding those before economic crisis started in 2008.

The latest survey by the Exceltur alliance for touristic excellence has analysed revenue and employment in 103 municipalities, the main ones for Spain's tourism. In 76 of these, the profitability level in 2016 was above that of 2008. This profitability is gauged from the RevPar ratio, which is the average revenue per available room.

At the top of the list of profitable resort municipalities are several in the Balearics. In Majorca, this means in particular Calvia, Manacor, Muro and Sant Llorenç. Overall, Balearic resorts enjoyed better results in 2016 than those in any other region. Prices went up on average by almost seven per cent, while average occupancy increased by close to five per cent.

In the case of Palma, the city has been compared with other cities in Spain. Last year it was third in terms of RevPar behind Barcelona and San Sebastian.