The scheme for remodelling is intended to support all the private investment that has gone into Magalluf. | Meliá

Hoteliers and businesses have greeted the plan for the remodelling of Magalluf positively. They do, though, have one main concern about the plan announced by Calvia town hall, and that is that elections in 2019 could change everything.

To prevent this from happening, the president of the Acotur tourist businesses association, Pepe Tirado, is suggesting that there should be some form of covenant for Magalluf. He believes that the plan is both "fantastic" and "phenomenal", although he is expressing some scepticism. "It's another thing for it to become a reality".

The covenant or pact should be between all political parties in Calvia and involve other governmental institutions. Tirado says that there will need to be much agreement and many committed people to see through the plan and so therefore improvements, for instance, to parking in Magalluf.

Sebastián Darder, the president of the Palmanova-Magalluf hoteliers association, agrees with Tirado that political change could affect the reorganisation. If there isn't, then the "exciting" project will mean that in eight to ten years Magalluf will become a "paradise". He says that it is an ambitious scheme which won't be done overnight. His one objection is that the plan will not allow any more hotel places.

Perhaps confirming the point about political change, the leader of the opposition Partido Popular, José Manuel Ruiz, says that the plan has been announced without it having previously been presented to the commission for Magalluf's reorganisation. He thinks that it is a smoke screen so that other things aren't discussed. "They're playing to the gallery. Everything is still very much up in the air."