Stolen items retrieved by the National Police. | Policía Nacional

The National Police have arrested 23 minors and three adults, who are all suspected of muggings and break-ins (both property and vehicles) in Palma. The ages of the group range from 15 to 22.

According to the police, most of the offences coincided with weekend passes from the juvenile detention centre. They typically involved five or six members intimidating victims into handing over mobiles, wallets and valuables. These victims were often attacked even if they did as was demanded.

The police investigations, in collaboration with the prosecution service for minors in Palma, have established that stolen items were being fenced through an African citizen at illegally occupied premises in the Son Gotleu district. A raid found a large amount of stolen items as well as weapons, among which was a fake revolver; this had been used in the course of the robberies with violence. In addition to phones, cash, jewellery and electronic devices, 110 grams of cocaine were also seized.

The offences that are currently known about are 41 crimes of robbery with violence, 29 thefts from cars, four burglaries (one when the occupants were there), and other thefts. The police suspect that more will be added to this list.