The paradise island hides the social problems of poverty and homelessness.

21-01-2014Garry Knight

The general impression people have of Majorca is that we are all wealthy and living in luxury in the sunshine. Well, that is not true; far from it.

According to the latest report published by the Ministry for Welfare and Social Rights, on 22 March of this year there were at least 209 people living on the streets of Majorca and with no income at all.

The survey was carried out by a team of volunteers who combed areas of Palma and other municipalities of Majorca between 9pm and 1am with the aim of uncovering the reality of the situation the homeless are living under in order to improve how they are cared for.

Last year, there were 156 homeless people in Majorca and of this year’s 209, 188 are living on the streets of Palma, while the rest are dotted around the island.

Out of these, 170 of the homeless are male and the majority are aged between 40 and 59. Fifty-one sleep either in the street or a square, while 48 have found shelter in a makeshift tent or some form of camp.

Of those located and interviewed, 144 of the 209 have been living in Majorca for the past ten years or longer and 84 of them are Spanish nationals.

Forty of the homeless are from other European Union countries, twelve are from Africa and three from South America.


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eye eye / Hace over 4 years

tourist tax is a big scam....who can afford a rent in do liw wage peopke get by


Steve / Hace over 4 years

All mallorcans will be on the streets if they continue to upset the tourists