What is to be done with the old power station in Alcudia? | Elena Ballestero


Some months ago, Endesa registered a request with Alcudia town hall to allow it to demolish the old power station in Alcanada. Opposition to this was immediately voiced from various sources, including the town hall. A subsequent meeting, also involving the Council of Majorca, appeared to have opened the way for some means by which demolition could be avoided.

Now, however, Endesa has registered another request - this time to demolish at least part of the power station. The electricity company says that there are environmental risks from potentially hazardous waste. It adds that the level of deterioration is such that safety cannot be guaranteed. In fact, Endesa still wants to knock it all down. The fact that there is potentially hazardous waste would not allow the redevelopment of the site as some form of green area.

Under the Council of Majorca's land plan of 2011, the idea was to preserve the power station while also regenerating the site as parkland. The previous plan for a science and technology museum, abandoned on cost grounds, was not reactivated and is never likely to be. When Endesa approached the town hall last September with its demolition request, this was rejected because the site has some protected status, but only in the town hall's catalogue.

The Council of Majorca is, therefore, considering applying its greater level of protection - that of being in the cultural interest because the power station is a rare example of industrial heritage in Majorca. Its heritage commission has yet to decide on this, but if it's in favour, then demolition will not take place. Meanwhile, and according to Endesa, the site poses a potential risk.