Medics struggled in vain to save Mr. O'Kane's life.

23-04-2017Vasil Vasilev

Another British citizen has lost his life in Majorca because of a driver who was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. Last Tuesday, cyclist Bryan Stout was knocked down and killed in Puerto Alcudia. Early on Sunday morning, it was Adrian O'Kane, aged 40, originally from Northern Ireland but who was resident in Birmingham.

The incident occurred around a quarter past three in Magalluf. Mr. O'Kane was struck by a Ford Focus on the calle Pinada off the calle Punta Ballena. It would appear that he was sitting in the road. The force of the impact carried him some fourteen metres. Medics from the 061 emergency ambulance service, local police and Guardia Civil officers were all on the scene rapidly. For around half an hour there was an attempt to save his life, but this proved to be in vain.

The driver, a 39-year-old Spaniard identified as C.O.R. and a Palma resident, tested positive for alcohol and for cocaine. As with the driver involved in Bryan Stout's death, he faces charges of reckless homicide and of driving under the influence and endangering road safety. He was in court this morning (Monday) and was detained in prison; bail was not offered.

Although the driver stopped, he didn't do so in order to call the emergency services. It was a taxi driver, a witness to what had happened, who phoned the police. The driver of the Ford Focus remonstrated with him and insisted that he didn't phone. Subsequent investigations concluded that the car was the same one which, prior to the incident, had been driven in an erratic and dangerous manner in the area.


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L. Smith / Hace over 4 years

Can you please remove the picture related to this article. It's horrendous for any family or friends that may come across it to see poor Adrian laying there like that. You could put a nice picture (there's many available from other news articles) of him as his friends and family will remember him instead of this terrible upsetting sight. Many Thanks.


Brum Town / Hace over 4 years

RIP Adrian


Brummie / Hace over 4 years

Name of Adrian O'Kane from Birmingham, England. RIP.


holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

When are the police going to begin to do their jobs ?? Reading recent reports how many alcohol and drug fuelled drivers are driving about and muggers walking about ?? The police are more interested in catching bar owners going over their music limiters than doing a proper policing job. Thinking of the poor Irish mans family .