Home sales were up significantly in March. | Archive


The sale of homes continues to show monthly fluctuations in the Balearics. In February, there was a decrease of 3.6% compared with a year ago, but the figures for March show an increase of 39.4% - a total of 1,355 properties.

The Balearic Islands, according to statistics for property transfer, had the second highest number of sales per 100,000 inhabitants among the regions of Spain. This worked out at 148 sales per 100,000. Valencia had slightly more - 150. Andalusia was the third on the list in March with 121. In absolute terms, Andalusia registered the most sales with 7,976. The Balearics figure is a long way behind other regions in this respect. In Catalonia there were 6,832, in Valencia the number was 5,854, while in Madrid it was 5,684.

Lower than the Balearic number were the likes of Cantabria with 519, although this region had the highest percentage rise (48.3%) of all regions.

Nationally, there was a 28.3% increase in the sale of used homes. The number, 33,100, was the highest since September 2007. For new homes, the increase was 21.2% (7,631), the best figure since February last year.

In monthly terms (March compared with February), housing sales were up by 13.6%, the highest increase for March for five years.