Lorries with drivers should still be able to get through, so long as pickets don't stop them.


It had appeared as though the threat of industrial action by dockworkers had passed, but it has returned in a big way, and a strike is scheduled for Wednesday, 24 May. In the Balearics, the Chamber of Commerce and associations in the retail sector are concerned about its impact and the fourteen further days of action that have been announced.

While there is plenty of stock in warehouses to supply the tourism industry, restaurants, shops and construction, the situation is rather different to what it was when there were strike threats earlier in the year. Demand, because of tourism, is clearly much greater.

Bartomeu Servera for the distributors says that there is concern but explains that the 95 companies which comprise the association can draw on full warehouses at present. Having full warehouses has, however, meant greater cost; holding stock rather than it being available just-in-time carries extra cost.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Anged association of large retailers say that there won't be any problem covering three days but from a fourth day there will be shortages of some products. This will especially be the case if, as is expected, pickets will prevent loading at the ports in Barcelona and Valencia.

Supermarket chains have been building up stocks, especially of food products that are most in demand, but they have their own issues with storage capacity, while there is naturally a particular problem regarding perishables. If there are 14 days of strike action, Servera fears that businesses will close because of the lack of supplies.


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Graham / Hace over 4 years

The island is always extremely vulnerable to ransom via strikes as also through the "cartels" that operate on this island. They can strike and close the island down within a couple of weeks. Air traffic handlers, Air traffic controllers, Hospitality service industry, taxi drivers, coach drivers. We see it every year. Blame the Unions - outdated. Demand for staff is very high this year, companies are having to increase salaries naturally to keep good and responsible staff.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Although not obvious in this Article. The Strike will be over pay and conditions. It is unusual for the start of this Season. That All the other normally expected strikers, that can hold the Island to ransom, have not threatened strike action. Still, there is time yet !.