The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez. | R.D.


The former anti-corruption prosecutor, Pedro Horrach, has filed a suit against Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, claiming malfeasance and falsehood. The suit is directed at three town hall officials as well.

Horrach represented the ex-director of commercial affairs, Jaime Nadal, in court last week. Nadal had been arrested in connection with the Cursach affair. He was released after his court appearance but ordered to stay away from the town hall.

Rodríguez and others are accused by Horrach and the lawyer David Salvá of having acted in a capricious and arbitrary fashion against Nadal and of misrepresenting facts. Nadal was dismissed for having allegedly obstructed a review of the BCM licence by another official. The charge of misrepresentation is that Nadal favoured Cursach.

The mayor and others, it is maintained by Horrach and Salvà, have sought to safeguard their own responsibilities by making devious claims against Nadal who had gone about his professional activity in a way that is strictly in accordance with the law.