Tito's club in Palma, a famous establishment now in the Cursach affair spotlight. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Tito's nightclub in Palma is back in the spotlight of the investigation into police corruption in the city. The club, part of Grupo Cursach, was one of the establishments raided at the time of Tolo Cursach's arrest at the beginning of March. A former employee has now testified that certain local police officers were given cocaine and had sex with prostitutes, who themselves were drugged in order to make them more compliant.

The police officers never paid anything; the company took care of that. The statement directly implicates the club's director, Jaime Lladó, who was recently held in custody for a brief time. He and the former manager are alleged to have controlled the supply of drugs and of prostitutes.

There were between eight and ten police officers, who have been under investigation for some time. They and Hell's Angels are said to have been the clients who received preferential treatment at the club.

Meanwhile, the investigating judge in the police corruption and Cursach cases, Manuel Penalva, has extended the period for hearings to be in secret. This is due to fears that there are risks to witnesses' lives and to what Penalva says are threats that have emanated from people close to Cursach.