Majorca taxi drivers took part in Tuesday's protest in Madrid against Uber and Cabify.


Taxi-driver associations are satisfied that a new regime of inspections at Palma airport are putting an end to the problem of "pirate" operators. The regional transport ministry urgently agreed to establish a plan of regular inspection in the wake of last Thursday's protest, which brought taxi services to a halt for more than three hours.

Since the inspectors appeared on Monday, there have not been any problems. The president of the self-employed taxi-drivers association, Biel Moragues, says that this proves that when the inspection service is operating well, the results are positive in preventing the pirates. Moragues has also apologised for what happened last Thursday, especially because taxi drivers were aware that the government was due to pass its decree the following day. Under this, there is clear definition that only taxis can pick up fares on the public highway and at airports.

Antonio Bauzá, president of a different association, believes that there should be an increased presence of state security forces (meaning in this instance the National Police) to back up the inspectors.

Transport minister Marc Pons stresses that the aim is to eradicate "intrusive" activity. The inspectors will be at the airport throughout the summer. "We will not tolerate any kind of intrusion, hence there is the fight against this in the taxi sector and with the hiring of vehicles with a driver."

The airports authority Aena confirms that there have been no more problems, but it adds that there is still an absence of local police. Aena doesn't find it "logical" that the police aren't there or confine themselves to controls at entrances to the airport terminal. Palma town hall had said after the events on Thursday that it would be supplying police.


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