Theresa May.


Bulletin readers have spoken, their votes have been cast. Theresa May is prime minister with a massive 61% of the polling. Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have been given a drubbing - a mere 23.4%. The also-rans and those losing their deposits are: Lib Dem (6.2%), Ukip (4.2%), SNP (2.6%), Greens (1.95%) and Plaid Cymru (0.65%).

Thank you for taking part. Now for the real thing. Happy Election Night!


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Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Well,all those Brits who are totally out of touch with what was really going on in the UK,including you and the Daily Bulletin got it wrong as usual,you might recall that in a comment of last week,I stated that May was not going to get the landslide she expected,now she will be lucky if she is still the Prime Minister in six months time and another general election is not held within a year.