A Palma court yesterday turned down a request for the "provisional" opening of BCM in Magalluf. The club's activity will, for the time being at any rate, not be resumed. The club was closed in April on an order by Calvia town hall, which faces a possible claim for six million euros lost revenue.

Judge Nuria Ramos made reference to the club having been closed because of an issue to do with air-conditioning apparatus, which therefore could affect the health of people going to the club. Damages being caused to Grupo Cursach are "easily reparable", the judge observed.

Lawyers for Grupo Cursach asked if the jobs of more than one hundred people are as "easily reparable" or if there can be easy repair for the financial damage suffered by taxis, shops, bars and restaurants because of the closure. All of these are affected by the lack of activity by one of the island's most recognisable brands.

There are fifteen days during which the court's decision can be appealed.