Pedro Horrach (right) is a former anti-corruption prosecutor. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

The former anti-corruption prosecutor, Pedro Horrach, will cease to act as a defence lawyer for an accused in the Cursach case. Horrach, who appeared in court to defend Jaime Nadal, the ex-director of commercial affairs at Calvia town hall, had been advised by the College of Lawyers (Bar Association) that it would be prudent to withdraw.

It is accepted that Horrach was not at the heart of any investigation when he was still a state prosecutor, but the college has made its recommendation, adding that it doesn't have objective reasons to know if there is incompatibility or not.

Although not the prosecutor in the investigations into police corruption and Cursach, Horrach did have some involvement. It was therefore suggested that defending Nadal was incompatible with his previous role. Nadal has been accused of showing favours to Grupo Cursach. He was charged and released after appearing in court and ordered to stay away from Calvia town hall buildings.