The Council of Majorca intends doing away with the toll.


Globalvia, the company which has the concession for operating the Soller Tunnel toll, is demanding 31 million euros from the Council of Majorca by way of compensation for the early termination of the contract.

The Council has offered 17.4 million euros for its "rescue" of the tunnel and so bringing an end to the need to pay. Globalvia said yesterday that it will take the matter to court in defence of its interests and against the proposal from the Council. The expert report that the Council is going by, the company insists, is "plagued with errors".

The company, which owns 98% of the concession that has five more years to run, goes on to say that the "alleged rescue" is being justified from a mistaken legislative analysis. This means that there is a valuation of a property and not of the concession contract.

It adds that the "rescue" represents a "reckless approach to public coffers", which is not duly justified and involves a modification of budgetary priorities for which "all Majorcans" will suffer. This is because of the cost of the "rescue" and also because of the cost of maintenance, workers and investment in tunnel safety measures.

It is noted that residents in the Soller Valley are already fully subsidised and that 75% of toll revenues come from tourists.


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Mathew (Soller) / Hace over 4 years

Correction: Residents are not fully compensated at all. We pay a lower rate of 1.30 euros and although it is meant to be refunded by the town hall it doesn't happen. Residents should not pay anything - or maybe we should start to charge for the two tunnels on the way to Andratx?


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 4 years

There are many reasons the tunnel should not be free a part for the residents of Soller and Pto Soller and registered workers.At first Soller and the Port Ihave no parking space enough to absorb more visitor and the 10 € two ways cost keeps this part of Mallorca still free from rif-raf ,illegal street vendors etc. Local people, restaurant holders etc are sceptic related to a free tunnel Related to safety and as far as I know there are no emergency exits which is required by Eu law as from a certain lenght