Midsummer's Eve, the Nit de Foc, including on some beaches.

23-06-2012Pere Bota

Monday, 19 June
Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 17.00: Children's games and races, Plaça Baix/C. Massanella. 19.00: Rhythmic gymnastics. Plaça Ajuntament, 21.00: Concert by Stephen Blue - piano. Plaça Església. Free.

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 21.00: Open-air supper and folk dance with Revetla d'Algebelí and the pipers Es Reguinyol. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Son Servera, Sant Joan Fiestas. 16.00: Children's water park. Plaça Mercat.

Santa Ponsa. From 11.00: WTA Mallorca Open tennis. Santa Ponsa Tennis Club. Tournament lasts until Sunday, 25 June. Information: www.mallorcaopen.org.

Tuesday, 20 June
Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 20.00: Tapas route - five bars.

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 21.00: Playback contest. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Magalluf. 22.00: Tinie Tempah. The Stage, BH Mallorca Hotel, Avda. Palmeres. Twenty euros.

Palma. 18.00: The Claps, Kashmir Dúo. At Ikea (restaurant). Free; gourmet buffet, 14.99 euros (children to age eight, free).

Wednesday, 21 June
Andratx, Sant Pere Fiestas. 20.00: Evening for youngsters aged 12 and over. Es Vinyet municipal swimming pool.

Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 17.00. Children's aquatic activities at the swimming pool. 22.00: Open-air cinema - La Vida de Pi, Plaça Ajuntament.

Son Servera, Sant Joan Fiestas. 22.00: Concert with Pep Alba, Martí Gomila and Tomeu Matamalas, Los Javaloyas. At the Església Nova.

Palma. 11.30-22.00: Rumba Katxai, Urtain and several other groups and artists. Plaça Espanya. Free.

Palma. 20.00: Conxa Buika and the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, Passeig Born. Free.

Thursday, 22 June
Andratx, Sant Pere Fiestas. 10.00-13.00: Aquatic party (up to the age of 12). Es Vinyet municipal swimming pool.

Buger, Sant Pere Fiestas. 15.00: Raising of the banner and bell-ringing. 20.30: Opening address pregón at the church theatre.

Inca, End of term party. From 17.00: Holi colours festival, DJs Oscar Romero, Stevan Chaves. At the bullring.

Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 16.30: Children's entertainment, Plaça Església. 20.30: Children's batucada drum group, Plaça Ajuntament. 21.00: Open-air supper, Plaça Dalt (tables need to have been reserved at the town hall by Monday).

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 21.00: Ses 40 Voltes. Races for children, bike races. Accompaniment - Unió Artística Murera Band of Music. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Puerto Alcudia, Sant Pere Fiestas. 19.30: Alcudia Radio 26th anniversary and annual walk from Es Clot beach (Barcares) to the town and then to the Paseo Marítimo. Giants welcome the walkers at 20.30, followed by trempó (Majorcan salad) in Plaça Cas Vicari. 22.00: Performance of "Cha Chas sense fronteres (Cha Cha without borders). Plaça Cas Vicari.

Son Servera, Sant Joan Fiestas. 19.00: Line dance, Plaça Sant Joan. 20.30: Modern dance and urban dance, Plaça Mercat.

Deya. 20.30: Deya International Music Festival - Chee-Yun Kim (violin), Alfredo Oyagüez (piano). Falla, Saint Saens, Piazzolla, Franck. At Son Marroig. Twenty euros. www.dimf.com.

Magalluf. 22.00: Craig Davis. The Stage, BH Mallorca Hotel, Avda. Palmeres. Twenty euros.

Palma. 19.00: Choir of the Balearic College of Architects with pianist Javier Sánchez. Works by Morricone, Barbieri, Piaf and others. At the college, La Rambla 10. Free.

Puerto Soller. 20.00: Barry Sargent (violin). Bach sonatas. Museu del Mar. Fifteen euros.

Friday, 23 June
Alaro, Festa de la Flama (Festival of the Flame). From 20.00: Sant Joan Eve celebrated at the castle. Basically an event for the Catalan language with music and free trempó Majorcan salad. Torches recommended if you plan on walking to and from the castle.

Andratx, Sant Pere Fiestas. 10.00-13.00: Children's party (ages 3 to 14). Plaça Espanya. 18.00-24.00: Camp de Mar market, C. Torrent.

Buger, Sant Pere Fiestas. 21.45: Playback, C. Major.

Deya, Sant Joan Fiestas. 21.30: Havaneres songs and Mediterranean music with Sotavent. At Cala Deya. Trempó salad and drink, two euros.

Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 19.30: Vespers and floral offer to the saint. 22.00: Playback with Esplai s'Estel, Plaça Dalt.

Marratxi, Sant Marçal Fiestas. 20.00. Release of doves, pregón opening address and concert by the Marratxi and Bunyola choirs. At Sant Marçal Church.

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 10.30-14.00: Waterfest park for children of all ages. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 19.00: Children's party with Cucorba. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 21.00: Tapas route - six bars. 23.30: Night party with 4L, La Loca Motora and DJ. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Palma, Sant Joan Fiestas. From 20.30: Folk dance, various activities, concert at 23.30 by La Movida Band and before (at 22.00) demons' correfoc Nit de Foc with ten demons' gangs. At Parc de la Mar.

Portopetro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 20.30: Open-air supper. At the old pier. Tickets in advance from the newsagents or Eurcop supermarket.

Puerto Alcudia, Sant Pere Fiestas. 18.00: Tardeo for Sant Pere - children's playground, music from Lipstick Groove, food trucks and Beer Lovers beers. At Plaça Quarantena. 22.00: Children's correfoc - demons' fire with Dimonis de sa Cova d'es Fossar. Plaça Quarantena. 23.00: Night party - Alejandra Burgos, Ses Bubotes and DJ. Plaça Quarantena.

Sant Joan, Sant Joan Fiestas. From 20.00: Magic Night - Lantern procession to the Sanctuary Consolació. Children dressed as witches, wizards, demons.

Sant Llorenç, Sant Joan Fiestas. 20.00: Lighting of barbecues and raising of the banner. At the church. 21.30: Ball de bot folk dance with Sa Torre, Plaça Nova.

Sencelles, Sant Joan Fiestas. 21.30: Traditional fiesta at Sonarrossa with trempó salad and wine.

Son Servera, Sant Joan Fiestas. 22.30: Night party with Xiriminguet, Pirates Pirats, Ves-Hi Tu, Plaça Mercat.

Palma. 20.30: José Alvarez Losada (violin). Works by Bach, Milstein, Vidal and others. Teatre Mar i Terra, C. Sant Magi. Ten euros.

Palmanova. 20.00: Fernando Megía, Juan Campos, Txema Sánchez. Party for Sant Joan. Es Carregador beach. Free.

Santa Ponsa. 21.30: El Pulpo, The Rock Stars. Party for Sant Joan. Plaça Pinada. Free.

Puerto Soller. 21.30: Aires Sollerics - folk dance, Plaça Sa Torres.

Saturday, 24 June
Buger, Sant Pere Fiestas. 23.30: Night party - Pirates Pirats, Islanders and DJ.

Calvia, Sant Joan Fiestas. JoanArt 2017. 18.00-00.30: Art, gastronomy, photography and music from Aura Ves, Muntaner Duo, Pep Suasi. In different locations in Calvia village.

Deya, Sant Joan Fiestas. 09.30: Bunyola Band of Music. 10.30: In typical Majorcan dress, the walk from Plaça Porxo to the church. 11.00: Mass. Esporles Church Choir and the Bunyola Band of Music.

Felanitx, Sant Joan Fiestas. 18.00: Sant Joan Pelós, dance of Saint John the Hairy. From C. Sa Gerreria (off Plaça Espanya).  

Mancor de la Vall, Sant Joan Fiestas. 10.30: Procession by the Xeremiers d'Arrels pipers. 11.30: Mass and dance of offer by the Mancor school of Majorcan dance. 12.30: Dance of cavallets and festive battle. By the town hall. 19.30: Tribute to senior citizens with the Arrels giants, snacks and concert by Marga Pocoví. 23.00: Havaneres songs with the Llucmajor friends of music choir.

Marratxi, Sant Marçal Fiestas. 20.00: Marrockxí 2017 - Toni Servera, Nuan, The Weak and various other groups. Sant Marçal Showground.

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 11.00: Mass. Miquel Tortell Muro Choir, dance of offer with Revetla d'Algebelí. 11.45: Dance of bigheads. 13.00: Jewel races, C. Joan Carles I. 19.00: Mass at Santa Anna Church followed by concert by the Miquel Tortell Muro Choir. 22.00: Party with Orquestra Aquarius and Orquestra La Tinbrass, Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Palma. 17.30-21.00: Esclaventura - sports adventure fair and activities. Parc de la Mar.

Portopetro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 19.00: Mass and then procession and dance by the giants.

Puerto Alcudia, Sant Pere Fiestas. 11.00: Swimming contest. From Balneario 1. Registrations: www.elitechip.net. 17.30: Children's aquatic party, Plaça Cas Vicari. 21.00: Sardine BBQ plus Havaneres songs from Sotavent. Two euros. On the old pier.

Puigpunyent, Sant Joan Fiestas. From 21.00: Street exhibition of paintings and more. 21.30: Open-air supper. Eight euros (tickets from the town hall by 22 June). Followed by batucada drummers, Vitamina Ye-Ye and May Day (rock).

Sant Joan, Sant Joan Fiestas - The Dancing Sun Festival. 06.00: Waking up the children. At the Sanctuary Consolació, sunrise and the "dancing sun". 19.00: Demons and pipers leave the town hall. 21.00: Sant Joan Pelós dance and the Corb de Sant Nofre (the great crow).

Sant Llorenç, Sant Joan Fiestas. 19.30: Mass and traditional dance by Sant Joan Pelut followed by procession with demons and pipers.

Son Servera, Sant Joan Fiestas. 11.00: Mass. 12.00. Concert by the Son Servera Band of Music, Plaça Sant Joan. 21.00: Ball de bot folk dance with Sa Revetla, Plaça Sant Joan.

Inca. 20.30: Inclàssic - Three Cello Works. Three cellists with selections from Mozart, Bach and others. Sant Domingo Cloister, Avda. Germanies. Free.

Palma. 19.30: Palma Gospel Singers, Emma Diva, Cussati Band, Batucada Saravá. At the San Juan Gastronomy Market, C. Emperadriu Eugènia, 6. Free.

Palma. 20.00: Balearic Islands Conservatory Orchestra - Santanyi International Music Festival. Sibelius, Tchaikovsky. At the Conservatory, C. Alfons el Maganim 64. Free.

Palma. 20.30: Sibil-la performances for the Summer Solstice. The traditional Christmas Eve moved to the summer and including some original treatments, e.g, with didgeridoo. Sant Felip Neri Church, C. Sant Felip Neri. Five euros.

Puerto Soller. 21.00: Walthraud Mucher (mezzo soprano), Andreu Riera (piano). Strauss, Britten, Weill and others. Museu de la Mar. Eight to fifteen euros.

Valldemossa. 20.30: Pianino Festival - Hiroo Sato (piano). Works by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff. Charterhouse. 20 euros. www.pianino.es. Bookings: info@pianino.es; 616 906 574; 971 728 312.

Sunday, 25 June
Buger, Sant Pere Fiestas. 20.00: Line dance and music from Trio Cabana.

Deya, Sant Joan Fiestas. 19.00: Party for senior citizens. At the amphitheatre. 22.30: Demons' correfoc fire-run with Dimonis Esclatabutzes (Soller). Goes from Sa Tanca to the amphitheatre.

Marratxi, Sant Marçal Fiestas. 20.00: Gathering of senior citizens' associations. Music by Marblau and Los Javaloyas. Sant Marçal Showground.

Muro, Sant Joan Fiestas. 18.30: Bullfight. 21.30: Line dance, Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 24.00: Fireworks at Sa Riba.

Puerto Alcudia, Sant Pere Fiestas. 10.00: Sandcastle contest for kids. The beach near to the marina. 19.00: Folk dance with Sarau Alcudienc, Marjal en Festa, Esclafits i Castanyetes, Paseo Marítimo.

Palma. 20.00: Pequeña Simfonica. Soloists from the Balearic Symphony Orchestra - Haydn, Bizet. Palacio de Congresos.

Santanyi. 20.00: Balearic Islands Conservatory Orchestra - Santanyi International Music Festival. Sibelius, Tchaikovsky. Santanyi Church. Ten to twenty euros.


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