Calvia mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, at one of the meetings yesterday.

Calvia mayor Alfonso Rodríguez held a series of meetings yesterday in response to the number of incidents of excess by tourists. The mayor was looking to get all sectors to play their part in improving behaviour in and around Torrenova, Punta Ballena in Magalluf and Ramon de Montacada in Santa Ponsa. He therefore met hoteliers as well as bar/club owners.

The basic message he wanted to get across is that problems with behaviour cannot solely be dealt with by the police. Saying that there is a move towards quality in the resorts, he added that there is some resistance to this and that this is linked to an excessive offer of free or very cheap alcohol. "We cannot have tourists who are provided with alcohol, be it free or cheap, for a seventeen-hour period and who are then totally drunk on the streets. The way forward is through quality, and this means commitment by everyone."

Rodríguez called on hoteliers and tour operators to inform tourists when they arrive that there will be fines for certain practices. The town hall, he noted, has produced a flyers containing relevant information for hotels to distribute. The latest one explains what conduct is punishable and what the fines are. And these fines are now payable at the time they are issued.

The mayor asked for hoteliers to expel tourists who cause trouble and added that there are to be discussions with tour operators regarding the type of all-inclusive offer that doesn't conform to the town hall's model and standards for quality. On this, the town hall has asked the regional government to regulate all-inclusive quality, with one criterion being a limit on alcohol.