Local police in Magalluf's Punta Ballena.


In the early hours of yesterday morning, Calvia police and Guardia Civil officers were involved in an incident which resulted in the arrest of a "giant" of an English holidaymaker who attacked three members of the local police force.

The incident first kicked off at 03.50 in Punta Ballena, which is supposed to be heavily policed. A group of plainclothes officers were on the beat along the strip when they spotted a fight break out. They attended the scene and identified themselves as police officers.

The three local police officers then tried to diffuse the tense situation. The officers managed to disperse the crowd, but the peace and quiet did not last long.

Another scuffle broke out and this time the 1.90 metre, 120 kilo British holidaymaker decided to wade into the fracas. He began attacking three members of the local police. Before the Guardia Civil could reach the scene a doorman from a nearby nightclub steamed in and helped the three officers overcome the drunken and extremely violent British tourist.

He had also consumed drugs, according to sources close to the information. Another holidaymaker involved in the fight was also arrested and the two were taken to the Guardia Civil barracks for the night.

They were due to have appeared before a remand hearing in Palma yesterday afternoon, but that was postponed and they will appear in court today.

Only last week, the national government delegate to the Balearics, Maria Salom, gave her word to the mayor of Calvia that more police will be made available for the key resorts in the municipality. As the season gets going, it looks like Magalluf is going to need the extra security service.

Elsewhere, a German holidaymaker was arrested in Playa de Palma for verbally abusing a police officer.


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keith / Hace over 4 years

Tried e mailing them ,Mel B but no reply .The plot thickens .


MelB / Hace over 4 years

Still no comments section, and the Mallorca bulletin continues to be the Brexit bulletin, with devastatingly in depth editorial by our in situ editor whose knowledge of the situation far exceeds that of U.K. journalists!!!


keith / Hace over 4 years

Your right Melb . Freedom of speech ? Don,t think they like it .


MelB / Hace over 4 years

What's happened to the comment section. Is the editor fed up with all the comments about lack of Mallorca storylines?


Selwyn Harris / Hace over 4 years

Totally agree with previous comments .I promote Majorca as much as I can and in particular Magaluf to everyone I meet .The residents of Magaluf and surrounding areas are real nice people and don't deserve these people .take passports and put a stamp in it saying banned from Spain .! I holiday in Majorca twice a year and am embarrassed to be a uk citizen when I read these stories .


richard morrow / Hace over 4 years

It just gets worse and worse- these scum bags need to be stopped either before boarding flights in UK or entertaining Mallorca- the area of Magaluf needs to be totally closed for a full season-everything - every bar every club -everything accept family places and restaurants- there needs to be police and guards on every establishment till these people decide to go elsewhere and let Mallorca be a place for decent people to travel to- people like this can go to other places where decent people do not go---the all inclusive needs to be totally monitored to partly inclusive and drinks needs to be limited electronically on each guest limiting them to a certain amount per day---possibly five or six drinks ---this will soon move the scummy holidaymakers to other places and let decent places on the island---it will make better business for the good bars and restaurants- these people are not welcome or needed on the island---in general people who take three stars all inclusive are not the sort of people what the island needs---five stars all inclusive resorts are totally different- let us hope the police become very hard handed with the S B 's--the scum bags and deport them if they cause any trouble --thankfully BCM remains closed and will not re open


JJ / Hace over 4 years

Why don't the police fine them heavily then send them home. I'm sick of this scum showing the UK in a bad light.


Geoff Dominy / Hace over 4 years

How many more times? Lock him up for six months in a small cell, ban him from travelling outside of Britain for 10 years and send a clear message that Mallorca is not the place to come and cause trouble. He will lose his job, maybe even his house if he has no income but he will learn a very valuable lesson. This was his choice, his own making.........so don't pussyfoot around. Mallorca is becoming a joke. My friends in England hear all about the antics here and if you think that is good for business, think again. An island that caters to a 'Yob' mentality will attract more of the same. Time to clean things up, ship the troublemakers out and give those you respect our island a chance to enjoy it without being harassed.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Let's hope that they receive long jail sentences and learn a lesson they will never forget and are banned from ever entering Majorca again