Local police in Magalluf's Punta Ballena. | Michel's


In the early hours of yesterday morning, Calvia police and Guardia Civil officers were involved in an incident which resulted in the arrest of a "giant" of an English holidaymaker who attacked three members of the local police force.

The incident first kicked off at 03.50 in Punta Ballena, which is supposed to be heavily policed. A group of plainclothes officers were on the beat along the strip when they spotted a fight break out. They attended the scene and identified themselves as police officers.

The three local police officers then tried to diffuse the tense situation. The officers managed to disperse the crowd, but the peace and quiet did not last long.

Another scuffle broke out and this time the 1.90 metre, 120 kilo British holidaymaker decided to wade into the fracas. He began attacking three members of the local police. Before the Guardia Civil could reach the scene a doorman from a nearby nightclub steamed in and helped the three officers overcome the drunken and extremely violent British tourist.

He had also consumed drugs, according to sources close to the information. Another holidaymaker involved in the fight was also arrested and the two were taken to the Guardia Civil barracks for the night.

They were due to have appeared before a remand hearing in Palma yesterday afternoon, but that was postponed and they will appear in court today.

Only last week, the national government delegate to the Balearics, Maria Salom, gave her word to the mayor of Calvia that more police will be made available for the key resorts in the municipality. As the season gets going, it looks like Magalluf is going to need the extra security service.

Elsewhere, a German holidaymaker was arrested in Playa de Palma for verbally abusing a police officer.