Majorca holiday destination.

Majorca the biggest and one of the most popular destinations in the Balearic’s. A Mediterranean picture postcard destination, with stretches of long golden and white sands and clear sapphire blue seas there is no wonder why people flock to this destination year on year.

Majorca has a wealth of culture, history and a diverse landscapes one of the most popular islands in this Spanish archipelago. This is an islands which has a contrasting landscape, with pine peaks and the Tramuntana Mountains and the 500km of coastline, boasting covers and secluded bays and a great destination to explore caves. Enjoying a mild climate for much of the year this really is delightful holiday destination.

Due to its popularity Magnificent Majorca has a wealth of holiday accommodation and activities to enjoy. The Arta Caves are a good place to visit, this network of caverns on the east coats are 50 metres above sea level, enjoying names such as Hell, Paradise and Purgatory, these caves are a great attraction to visit when looking for activities to enjoy. A luxury holiday shouldn’t just be about lying by the beach, a luxury holiday should be a stimulus for all the senses, an experience that you never forget and something away from the day to day and therefore this cavernous adventure should not be missed. The Queen of the Pillars is a 22m tall stalagmite and is a must see.

Majorca has been an attraction for many years for the rich and famous, the location, the temperature and the abundance of activities makes it a favourite with celebrities and us ordinary folk alike. The International Boat show in Palma is a floating exhibition of around 300 boats, from small sailing boats to those 35m in length, this is a great attraction and a chance to see why so many people head to Majorca and you never know who you will bump in to looking to spend some well-earned celebrity cash.

The location of the aquarium boasts a huge variety of marine life, whether is fish and sharks a from the natural environment of the Australian Coral reef, and the flora and fauna found beneath the waves of the Mediterranean sea, Palma Aquarium is another key destination to enjoy.

Palma also boasts a wealth of cultural heritage but is also a fantastic shopping destination from designer boutique to local crafts and clothing. For a little more cultural shopping experience head to the Inca market. This Thursday market is the a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for the real Majorca. This is usually where Majorcans themselves spend most of their money and it is a great place to pick up excellent quality leather goods.

As well as some fantastic beaches the wealth of luxurious hotels dotted around the islands really proved some amazing facilities and activities to enjoy. Depending on what you want, many hotels offer fantastic indulgent experiences to rest after a busy day caving or shopping. Majorca has attracted a great deal of money in the last few years and with that has come some amazing hotels and chains. Here is a rundown of some of the best 5 star hotels in Majorca and what they offer, to have a truly Majestic Majorcan holiday.

There are hotels across the island offering you direct access to different activties and experiences across the island, the Alcudia Park hotel, a seafront hotel a mere stone’s throw away from Playa de Muro beach. This allows you a chance to experence the dverse andscaed of Mjorac, the sea, the proximity to the mountains and this hotel is ideally located near the ancient ruins.

Or as an alternative, the adults only Grand Hotel Portals Nous offers a multi sensory experience, with champagne balconies overlooking the sea, multiple restaurants offering the chance to experience fresh catch of the say. This hotel has luxury space second to none, with suites and rooms complete with Swarovski crystal lighting, saunas, mini golf on the terraces, and you are even awaken to the scent of White tea and ginger from your pillows or the Butlers Guild service will offer you the chance to be advised of your perfectly blended aroma to help you sleep peacefully. A service you didn’t know you needed but as luxury experiences’ go this hotel real covers all aspects and exceeds any expectation you may have. This hotel is new and even offers a Guest Experience service so if you want to book a luxury day out on a yacht or a spa day then this hotel service can take care of all the arrangement for you. has the details of the Grand Hotel and many more. Identify what you want from your luxury experience and select the right hotel for you. Most luxury hotels have Spa facilities, fitness rooms, golf courses and gastronomic delight with some amazing restaurants. Make Majorca your next luxury destination.