The work load is increasing for the security forces in Calvia. | MICHELS


The Local Police and the Guardia Civil have been working in close cooperation over the past few months as part of the antisocial behaviour campaign in the key resorts, in particular Magalluf. Behind the scenes, Magalluf appears to have become somewhat tranquil in comparison to the past year. But the Bulletin has received a series of texts, messages and comments to the contrary and yesterday Calvia Council released data regarding to Local Police activity in the municipality over the past two months.

Between May and June there was a significantly sharp increase in the number of antisocial incidents and last month alone, 50 people we arrested by breaking public bylaws. During June the Local Police responded to a total of 687 complaints, nearly double the total number of denounces recorded in May. The most common complaint was illegal street selling, 472 complaints compared to 254 in May. There were 21 cases of drinking alcohol in the street, again nearly double the previous months, 46 cases of consuming drugs in public places, well above the 14 complaints in May. Unauthorised activities such as massages on the beach, accounted for 17 complaints, much less than last year while nudism and seminudism accounted for 40 cases while police had to take action in 18 cases of people having sex in a public place - there was only one reported case in May.

Public order offenses and “others” accounted for 85 bringing the number on complaints and calls responded to, to a total of 1672, over 400 more than last year.
And 50 arrests since the start of the year.