Tarik Chadlioui came to Majorca at least twice. | R.S.


The Birmingham-based hate-preacher Tarik Chadlioui who was arrested last week as part of a Spanish-led pan European anti terror operation has been ordered to appear before Westminster Magistrates again on 13 July for a case management hearing before a full extradition hearing on 26 September. He was arrested last Wednesday morning along with four other IS terror suspects here in Majorca. Two in Inca, one in Ariany and the fourth in Binissalem.

One of the two arrested in Inca was planning a London Borough Market knife attack in Inca, while others were involved with recruiting and radicalising young Muslims on line and here in Majorca. All four are being held on remand in Madrid, bail was denied. A sixth suspect was arrested in Dortmund. Tarik Chadlioui was also arrested over links to Paris Bataclan bomber and “met members of his ISIS terror cell in Spain twice to make recruitment videos”.

Tarik Chadlioui is accused of being the “spiritual leader” of an ISIS terror cell who used social media to recruit jihadis to wage holy war from his home in Birmingham. At Westminster Magistrates Court the 43-year-old blasted claims he created videos to indoctrinate Muslims and recruit jihadis. Spanish authorities say he met at least six other radicals twice at the Al Fagar de Inca mosque between 2014 and 2015. mHe is alleged to have posted propaganda including the video Tufiq Went To Syria in support of Islamic State urging jihadis to wage holy war in return for paradise.

The Moroccan-born cleric, who has lived in Britain since November 2015 after moving from Belgium, is fighting extradition to Spain with human rights law and taxpayer funded legal aid, claiming his wife and eight children have a right to stay. Carl Kelvin, prosecuting, said: “It is said that the requested person belongs to an organised group that appears to centre around the Al Fagar de Inca mosque.

“In 2014 it is known that the requested person travelled out to that mosque and again in 2015 he went back to Majorca and it appears whilst there a series of three videos were made with the title Tufiq Went To Syria.
“The purpose of these videos and other material posted online by the requested person together with others was to encourage radicalisation and for others to be prepared to become jihadist fighters. “The investigation showed that there was an organised group of at least six individuals all of whom used media to pursue this cause. “There is reference in the further material which the court has received which talks about the strong cohesion within that group.”

Chadlioui, who works as a perfume seller, was arrested by anti-terror cops with a European Arrest Warrant at 1.43am on Wednesday last week and hauled before judges who remanded him in custody. He is also understood to have radicalised Bataclan bomber Omar Mostefai in his preached hate filled sermons at the Luce mosque in a Paris suburb. Chadlioui, who has been in custody since last week, was refused bail to attend a further hearing next week. District judge John Zani remanded Chadlioui in custody for a further week citing “substantial grounds” that he may go into hiding or reoffend if bailed. Judge Zani said: “There are substantial to persuade me that you may not attend and may reoffend.”