Tourism director general Pilar Carbonell, seeking restrictions on airline drinking. | Joan Torres


The Balearic government says unlimited consumption of alcohol has proven problematic on flights to Ibiza and Majorca. It wants to see more sober arrival and an end to the days of knocking down a few drinks on flights to Palma.

According to a statement published on the government’s website yesterday, director general of tourism Pilar Carbonell has asked the Spanish state secretary of tourism Matilde Asian to cap the number of drinks that a passenger can order on a flight in order to "guarantee security" and "combat anti-social tourism".

"The goal of this measure is to improve security for passengers as well as strengthen security within airplanes and at our islands’ airports, where police often have to deal with intoxicated passengers."

The government has also taken its plea for alcohol moderation to Brussels. On Tuesday, the islands’ representative team presented the European Commission with the same request during a working session on European transport.

With cheap flights and comparatively low prices, the Balearics - especially Majorca and Ibiza - have become hot destinations for millions of travellers.

As examples of the problem: In May, the Guardia Civil had to board a Ryanair flight in Palma that had just landed after a flight from Manchester. Officers dragged off three drunk men who had caused a disturbance throughout the flight. Last month, two members of the National Police were injured while trying to control two drunken British tourists in arrivals.