Expulsions from hotels are said to be linked to an increase in end-of-course, spring break-style holidays. | David Marquès


In June, the number of tourists ejected from hotels in Magalluf and Palmanova for bad behaviour almost doubled by comparison with June last year. According to the hoteliers association for the two resorts, the number of "hooligans" who were turfed out rose from 24 to 47.

The association's president, Sebastian Darder, says that June is the month when the greatest number of young tourists go to Magalluf and Palmanova. Many of them are on end-of-course, spring break-style trips, and he believes that there have been "wilder" tourists than before.

Just under 30% of hotel occupancy in June is consistent with this tourist client profile. Less tolerance and a firmer approach on behalf of hotel management has contributed to the increase in expulsions.

In July, especially the second half, and in August and September, there is far more family tourism and a corresponding decrease in youth tourism. In the first half of July, though, there was still trouble. Nineteen people were ejected from hotels during the first week.

Throwing tourists out of hotels generally means that there is nowhere else for them to go - other hotels in the area won't take them - and so tour operators who brought them to Majorca have to send them back.

Although this is predominantly an issue with British tourists, there has been a rise this year in the number of Russians and Scandinavians who have been sent home.

In other news, Calvia police yesterday carried out a number of inspections at topless and table dance bars in Magalluf. These followed a series of complaints from residents that the establishments were staying open well past their closing times and that music levels were far too high. During one of the inspections, a "client" reacted aggressively and the police were required to respond "with the necessary force".