The Guardia Civil issued advice about the shark to beaches in the area. | Gabriel Alomar


A tourist was slightly injured yesterday when a shark appeared in the Estanys cove in Colonia Sant Jordi. It was initially thought that he had been bitten, but the injury to an arm was caused by the shark brushing against him.

At around half two in the afternoon, swimmers alerted lifeguards to the presence of a blue shark of some two metres in length. The red flag was raised and the Guardia Civil's marine service was deployed in searching for the shark. It was thought that the shark was disoriented or sick. Palma Aquarium was also alerted in case assistance for the shark was required.

No sighting was made of the shark, and things returned to normal at the beach some two hours later.

This was the latest in a series of blue shark incidents that have occurred at Illetes, Cala Major and Playa de Palma in recent weeks. One shark, captured on 25 June, had to be put down because of injuries.