Love Island contestants were in Palma before the big final show.

24-07-2017Humphrey Carter

After seven weeks, last night was the final night in the Love Island villa, and emotions were running high for the four remaining couples as they made their heartfelt declarations to one another.

However, just to make sure that the finalists were looking their best, the remaining female candidates, Olivia, Amber, Camilla and Gabby, were whisked into Palma to Francisco’s beauty and hair salon on the Paseo Mallorca, just 200 metres from the Bulletin newsroom.

There was also some light relief when two dance coaches descended on the villa to train the islanders up in some tango moves, which had a few disastrous results for Camilla and Jamie.

For some of the couples, the lesson proved fruitful in more ways than one, with Amber confessing: "The chemistry, the connection, really taking it seriously. I was turned on a bit actually."

Others fared less well though, with Camilla admitting: "Jamie and I had a couple of hiccups. He may have accidentally punched me in the stomach and I accidentally head butted him."

Marcel’s moves definitely got caught Gabby’s eye, but perhaps not in the way intended, as she remarked: "Marcel just kept thrusting. I’m like, mate, you’re definitely sexually frustrated."

This series has proved the most successful yet, pulling in average audiences of over two million every night, and it has apparently done wonders for Majorca.

Not only has the series showcased some of the island’s most beautiful attractions, according to some travel agents in the UK, it has boosted summer holiday bookings to the island with couples fancying their own Love Island experience. New figures have revealed that flights to Majorca , which has been on TV screens for weeks now, have skyrocketed, and it’s all thanks to Love Island.

According to, bookings to the island have seen an increase in 43 per cent between May and June - exactly the time the show started making headlines across the country.

For the record, Kem and Amber won.

Jan Amtrup / Hace over 4 years

Really? Hope not.


Peter / Hace over 4 years

This is a Rubbish article. The figures are entirely false and misleading, furthermore the no-lifers that participate and watch this fame-seeking and sickeningly unashamed trend are no use to our island or any other place. Just an example of the situation that has overtaken the younger generation of a once educated and intelligent UK society. Sickening and depressing.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

'' Millions'' watched Love Island final from Majorca,total rubbish,Majorca could not hold ''millions'',where were all these ''millions'' staying.? Quite apart from that,surely there are better things to do in Majorca or almost anywhere for that matter than watch a load of dross like that,get a life comes to mind.


Ian Morrison / Hace over 4 years

Flights to Mallorca up 43% because of Love Island ... Oh really? That's the sort of headline only the people who watch the show would believe. The rest of us know the truth.


Mark / Hace over 4 years

You have too be some sort of basket case too think this program is the slightest bit interesting it's for full time sados with no intelligence,


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Feel sorry for those of us who find Love Island excruciating yet live in the midst of family and friends who are besotted. The last few months have been hell.