Monday, 31 July
Colonia Sant Jordi. 18.30: Treasure hunt for 12-17 year olds. Civic centre. Two euros.

Llubi, Sant Feliu. 19.30: Procession with pipers and bigheads. Plaça Església. 22.30: Ballroom dance with Trio Magenta. Plaça Església. 24.00: Fireworks. Sports centre. 00.30: Night party - Kyoto, MyStart and DJ. Plaça Església.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 18.00: Xop water park for kids, plus Council of Majorca firemen with their restored old fire engine. Can Conill (i.e. the car park on Cecilio Metelo). 23.30: Marxa Fresca - the famous White Party. Music from the '80s. Plaça Major.

Playa de Palma (by Ses Fontanelles). 21.00: Morat, Bombai, David Otero and others. Free.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 22.30: Ernie Watts Quartet - Ernie Watts (tenor sax), Christof Saenger (piano), Rudi Engel (double bass), Heinrich Koebberling (drums). Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 1 August
Arta, Sant Salvador. 20.00: Children's party with Tipi-Tipi-Top. Na Batlessa amphitheatre. 22.00: The NewBorn Jazz Quartet. At the Sant Salvador Sanctuary.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 19.30: Urban dance. Library esplanade.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 19.00: Skate park at the school car park.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 11.00: Children's water games. Placeta Església. 12.00: Ringing of bells, raising of banners. 20.30: Opening address. Plaça Església. 21.00: Open-air supper and dance with Trio Cabana. Plaça Jaume I.

Llubi, Sant Feliu. 06.00: Alborada wake-up - Binissalem Band of Music. Plaça Església. 20.00: Mass. 21.30: Folk dance. Plaça Església. 00.30: Ojos de Serpiente in concert tribute to Fito & Fitipaldis. Plaça Església.

Pollensa, La Patrona Fiestas. 19.00: Children's entertainment - starry astronauts. Ice-cream as well. Plaça Ca les Monnares. 20.00: Procession with the band of cornets and drums and the band of music. 22.30: Night party - Es Fossers, IPops, Jaume Mas and Wagwaan Band. Plaça Major.

Bunyola. David Gómez (piano). At the railway station. 20-30 euros.

Magalluf. 22.00: Ingrosso. BH Mallorca, The Stage. 20 euros.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Bernat Pons Band. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 2 August
Arta, Sant Salvador. 22.00: Open-air supper. Plaça Conqueridor.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 18.00: Rhythmic gymnastics and taekwondo, followed (at 19.00) by children's party with disco and the dog patrol and Zumba for adults at 20.30. Plaça Pou d'en Verdera. 22.00: Cinema on the beach - Bittersweet Days.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 17.00: Water party at the municipal pool. 22.30: Night party - Toni Jaume i Africa, Indecisos, Germans Tejedor. Placeta Tarongers.

Llubi, Sant Feliu. 21.00: Playturoback festival. Plaça Església. 24.00: Fireworks. Plaça Església.

Pollensa, La Patrona. 05.00: The Alborada wake-up in the Plaça Major and streets. 08.30: Alborada at Cala Molins, Cala San Vicente. 09.15: Alborada in the Plaça Miquel Capllonch, Puerto Pollensa. 11.00: Mass and dance of offer by the Cossiers to Our Lady of the Angels. Parish church. 12.15: Dance by the Cossiers. Plaça Major. 12.45: Pollensa band of music performance. Monti-sion church. 13.00: Aperitif for everyone. At the town hall. 17.00: Procession with the Soldà troupe of cornets and drummers. 17.30: Procession with the image of La Patrona. 19.00: The MOORS AND CHRISTIANS BATTLE. 21.30: Thanksgiving. Song of joy by Costa i Llobera. Interpretation of the Alborada and "Visca Pollença" by the band of music. Plaça Major. 23.30: Fireworks. By the Roman bridge.

Puerto Portals, Sunset Market. 18.00-24.00: Craft, fashion and more. 21.30 DJ Vinilo.

Selva, Sant Llorenç. 18.30: Ringing of bells, raising of banners, firing of rockets. 20.30: Pregón opening address followed by concert by Victoria Quingles. Placeta Església.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Thomas Fontin Trio. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 3 August
Arta, Sant Salvador. 20.30: Homegrown fruit and vegetables. Na Batlessa. 21.00: Evening of Latin music. Plaça Monument. 21.30: Lanterns' walk (five kilometres). From Na Batlessa.

Cala Murada. 19.00: Holi Colours Fest with DJ Oscar Romero and others.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 17.00: The soapy pole. At the old pier.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 18.30: Sandcastle contest for children.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 21.00: Variety night - comedy, theatre and tapas. Plaça Jaume I. (Tapas, price ten euros; tickets in advance by 2 August from the town hall.)

Llucmajor, Santa Candida. 17.00: Children's water treasure hunt. Plaça Rufino Carpena.

Puerto Portals, Sunset Market. 18.00-24.00: Craft, fashion and more. 21.30 The Claps.

Santa Eugenia. 22.00: Trempo salad. One euro. Tomeu Penya and Geminis. Les Escoles courtyard.

Selva, Sant Llorenç. 19.00: Night of art and music - paintings, live music, line dance, batucada and at 23.00 Donallop in concert. Plaça Major.

Andratx. 22.00: Duet Blanco-Cortès (two pianos) - dances of the world. Castell de Son Mas (town hall). Ten euros.

Port Canonge. 20.30: Banyalbujazz - Jorge Neila Quartet.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Miranda Jazz Combo. Plaça Major.

Friday, 4 August
Arta, Sant Salvador. 19.00: Races, games and soapy pole for children. Plaça Marxando. 20.00: Holi Colours Fest. Na Batlessa amphitheatre. 21.30: Giant paella. Ten euros (tickets from the town hall) and karaoke competition.

Cala Millor. 18.00: Concerts with Sigramaça and Fora de Joc. Plaça Mallorca car park.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 19.00: Rhythmic gymnastics. Plaça Cervantes. 19.30: Evening yoga. The beach in front of Bar Chocolate. 20.00: Supper for the over-80s. Ball de bot folk dance and the Santa Margalida Band of Music. Plaça Cervantes.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 18.00-22.00: Holi Colours Fest. Three euros. Escoles de Colonia courtyard.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 20.45: Andreu Riera (piano), Marga Cloquell (soprano). Antoni Fornés (piano). Tapas and finger food. Placeta Tarongers. 23.00: Marino i Marini, La Rumba Nostra, DJ. Placeta Tarongers.

Llucmajor, Santa Candida. 18.00: Children's Holi Colours Fest. Passeig Jaume III.

Sant Elm. 21.00: Moors and Christians battle. On the beach. 23.00: Party with Trio Maricel, Gin Tonics Band and 3 Kaires. At the sports centre.

Santa Eugenia. 22.30: Orquestra Galatzó, Los Grillos and DJ. Les Escoles courtyard.

Selva, Sant Llorenç. 23.45: Night party - Without String, Ses Bubotes, Societat Anonima and DJ. Plaça Major.

Cala d'Or. 20.30: Xaranga Quina Canya and Xeremiers Des Rodol pipers. Plus giants and pa amb oli. Plaça Eivissa.

Can Picafort. From 22.00: Nit de l'Auba - Andrea Oliva, Caleb Calloway, Manu Sanchez and others. Sports centre. Twelve euros.

Deya. 21.00: Suzanne Bradbury (piano), Tom Hankey (violin), Eilidh Martin (cello). Schubert, Schumann, Ivers. Son Marroig. 20 euros.

Palma. 10.00-13.30 / 15.00-19.30: Chopin International Piano Competition. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. Free.

Porreres. From 20.30: S'Embat Festival - Muchachito, Bombo Infierno, The Billy Young Band and others. Parc de n'Hereveta. 25 euros.

Port Adriano. 20.00: Love the 90s - Jenny from Ace of Base, Snap!. Ice MC, Whigfield. 40-80 euros.

Portocolom. 22.00: David Ordinas - benefit concert. Sports centre.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Pep Garau (trumpet), Tomeu Garcias (trombone), Josep Munar (guitar). Plaça Major.

Sencelles. 20.30: Glissando Big Band. Plaça Vila.

Sineu. 23.45: Sopa De Cabra, Suasi. Plaça Fossar. 28 euros.

Valldemossa. 20.30: Concert - Sparks Quartet. Fundació Coll Bardolet, C. Blanquerna. 12 euros.

Saturday, 5 August
Palma. 23.00: The walk from Plaça Güell to Lluc.

Arta, Sant Salvador. 09.00: Release of doves. 10.00: Procession by pipers, bigheads and the band of music. From the town hall. 19.00: Es Volti tapas route from Bar Ca Na Pili. 20.00: Circus workshop. Na Batlessa. 21.00: Line dance. Plaça Conqueridor. 24.00: Fireworks.

Cala Millor. 19.00: Holi Colours Fest. Plaça Mallorca car park. 20.00: Open-air supper. Tickets ten euros from tourist information offices. Procession by the pipers Puig de sa Font.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 17.00: Family aquatic park. Plaça Cervantes.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 09.00-14.00: Secondhand market. Cas Catala area. 20.00: Ses Salines-Colonia Sant Jordi race. 22.00: Cheb Ghaneh (traditional Arabic music), at 23.30 Orquestra Republicana. Plaça Pou d'en Verdera.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 19.30: Line dance. Plaça Jaume I. 23.00: Flower power party. Plaça Jaume I.

Llucmajor, Santa Candida. 19.00: Melon-eating contest. Passeig Jaume III. 22.00: Open-air supper with humour and magic. Plaça Espanya.

Sant Elm. 21.00: Zumba and Latin dance. At the sports centre. 23.00: Party - Trio Aura, Onion Rabbits, Old Noise. At the sports centre.

Santa Eugenia. 11.00: Children's water park. Sports centre. 18.00: Jewel races. C. Josep Balaguer. 19.30: Ball de bot folk dance. Sports centre. 23.00: Night party - SomRock, Islanders, The Wateques and DJ. Les Escoles courtyard.

Selva, Sant Llorenç. 17.30: Xop water park. At the football ground. 23.00: Party with Los Javaloyas and Los Xilvars. Plaça Major.

Alaro. From 11.45: Juanito Percha & The Rhythm Rockers and numerous other bands - surf, punk, rockabilly, etc. Sports centre. Free. 23.00: Ses Bubotes. In the square.

Alcudia (Barcares). 22.00: Sotavent - Havaneres songs. Es Clot beach.

Cala d'Or. 21.00: Lola Casariego (soprano), Aurelio Viribay (piano). At the church. 10-20 euros.

Esporles. 21.00-06.00: Tramuntana Rocks - Camera, Moscoman, Marvin & Guy and many others. Sports centre. 25 euros.

Marratxi (Portol). 21.00: Marcel Cranc. Plaça Can Flor.

Palma. 18.30: Chopin International Piano Competition - Final. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. Free.

Palma. 21.30: Balearic Symphony Orchestra with Julian Rachlin (violin). Romeo & Juliet, Mozart and others. Bellver Castle. 15-35 euros.

Pollensa Music Festival. 22.00: Gabrieli Consort - Of A Rose Is All My Song. San Domingo Cloister, C. Guillem Cifre de Colonya. 25-30 euros.

Portocolom. 22.00: Tomeu Penya in concert. Plaça Sant Jaume.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Miquel Amengual Band. Plaça Major.

Sineu. 23.00: Pep Tronik, Titi - pirate-themed party. Plaça Església.

Valldemossa. 19.00: Concert - Lauriane Orsini. Costa Nord. Ten euros.

Sunday, 6 August
Arta, Sant Salvador. 10.00: Procession by pipers, bigheads and the band of music. From the town hall. 19.00: Bigheads and giants from across Majorca. Procession from the Plaça Ajuntament. 20.00: Eucharist. 22.00: Party with Oasis, Rodamons, Los Grillos, Islanders and DJ. Plaça Conqueridor.

Can Picafort, Mare de Déu d'Agost. 18.30: Holi Colours Fest and DJs. By the library. Free. 20.00: Mass and pregón opening address for the fiestas.

Colonia Sant Jordi. 12.00: Duck swim. S'Illot d'es Frares. 22.00: Bands of music. By the church. 24.00: Fireworks. Cala Galiota.

Lloret de Vistalegre, Sant Domingo. 19.00: Children's entertainment - Cucorba. Plaça Jaume I. 22.30: Glosadors. Placeta Tarongers.

Sant Elm. From 20.30, all at the sports centre, folk dance, then pa amb oli at 21.00, more folk dance at 22.00 and finally a DJ at 23.00.

Santa Eugenia. 19.00: Solemn mass for the patron.

Capdepera. 21.00: Presentation of the new lighting at the castle followed by poems and songs by Leonard Cohen interpreted by four performers. At the castle. Free, but tickets need to be collected from 31 July at the castle or from the tourist information office in the village.

Deya. 20.30: Trio Rondalla - Merce Escanellas (violin), Friedemann Hecker (viola). Moritz Klauk (cello). Haydn, Schubert and others. At the church. 15 euros.

Sa Pobla Jazz Festival. 20.30: Off Festival - Teo Salva and Pedro Cortejosa. Plaça Major.

Valldemossa Chopin Festival. 22.00: Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort (piano). Chopin, Liszt, Schumann. Charterhouse Cloister. 30 euros.

Puerto Alcudia. 19.30: Sarau Alcudienc - folk dance. Paseo Marítimo.