Tom Kelly suffered a severe beating.


The National Police in Manacor have opened a full investigation into the unprovoked attack on a 60-year-old British bar owner in Porto Cristo last Sunday night.

Tom Kelly, who opened the bar Porto Wine Bar in Carrer de Port 14 a little over two months ago, was opening up the bar for the night when he was attacked by three men.

He contacted the Bulletin to bring the incident to the public’s attention, saying that he tried his best to defend himself but they overpowered him. "At first a man came in and started demanding a set of keys. I didn’t know what he was talking about and he suddenly punched me in the face, so I punched him back. I decked him but suffered two fractures in my right hand.

"Then all of a sudden two other men came in and began attacking me with chairs and tables, they had me down and I was being punched and kicked. Fortunately, a neighbour called the local police and the three ran off."

Yesterday, the National Police, said that the three men were aged between 30 and 50 and that they had attacked Tom with a wooden pole.

Manacor and National Police attended the scene with an 061 ambulance crew, which initially treated Tom at the scene.

"I was in such a state I couldn’t give a proper statement, so I waited until the next day to go to the police and hospital."

The medical report states that Tom suffered multiple bruising to all of his body and a fractured hand. The National Police, who have added that the first man in was drunk, are also investigating claims that a mobile phone was stolen plus 500 euros in cash from Tom’s wallet.

"I think I managed to survive the attack because I’ve always kept myself in shape and as fit as possible. It was a severe beating. I am now off work, I am a one-man band really so the bar’s closed for the time being. There is still blood on the floor of the bar and it’s not mine, so that may help the police with their inquiries. But this was the last thing I expected to happen."