The Yersin is engaged in the Explorations of Monaco project.


Under the direction of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Explorations of Monaco is an ambitious project conceived around a unique ship - the Yersin - and a rigorous scientific programme, which aims to contribute to reconcile mankind and the sea.

The project, the Explorations of Monaco, has been designed in close collaboration with the scientific community. Renowned researchers are taking part in its campaigns.

The key research subjects are, for example, environmental DNA, the exceptional wealth of biodiversity around submarine mountains and the effects of global warming on marine viruses.

"The Explorations of Monaco are at the confluence of most of the themes which are dear to me, and which in this respect resonates particularly in me. It is an adventure that also echoes the most beautiful traditions of the Principality, and is addressed to all of humanity," Prince Albert states on the project’s website.

"To achieve this goal, we face three challenges. First, the challenge of understanding. The second principle is that of collective action and the third principle is that of innovation. These three principles – research, awareness-raising and innovation – I deeply believe are key to major change."