A couple of days respite from this coming up, but it's likely to return at the weekend. | Archive


A cold northerly front which moved in yesterday is expected to produce a highly significant drop in temperature. Aemet says that this could result in temperatures ten degrees below normal for the time of year - an "anomaly".

Yesterday, the cold air started to affect northern regions of Spain, such as Galicia and Asturias. It will move south today and provoke some high winds, which will create a "cold" sensation. The Mediterranean, including the Balearics, will be influenced by this front from Wednesday, though local weather stations were yesterday still predicting highs of around 26 or 27C on Thursday. Some rain on Wednesday is possible, and Aemet suggests that there could be storms in the Balearics on Thursday.

On Friday, the unstable conditions will begin to pass. The weather stations in Majorca were yesterday anticipating highs of 30C and above at the weekend.

After a slightly cooler Sunday, the temperature was up again on Monday. In Sa Pobla, the high was 36.1C: not as high as it has been, but hot enough.