The JoyRon Foundation undertook the 48 kilometre walk from Palma to Lluc.


The Palma to Lluc Monastery annual night walk took place last Saturday. 5 August: a distance of some 48km, first 33 km on the flat and then the last 15km a steady climb to the monastery.

The walk, known as Güell to Lluc, dates from 1974, and the story behind it is that one night a siphon being held by the daughter of the owner, Tolo Güell, exploded at Bar Güell. Miraculously, no one was hurt, so it was suggested that everyone should go to Lluc to give thanks to the Virgin of Lluc, Majorca’s patron. Since that date the walk has taken place as an annual event.

For the third year running the JoyRon Foundation had a team of volunteer walkers participating in support of the Children in Need in the Baleares. In past years, Ronald Hawes the founder and president of the foundation has led the team. However this year, due to recent bad health, doctors advised him not to take on the walk.

The seven walkers - Anna Nicholas, Alison Burns, Emily Benet, Alan Hamer, Virginia (Ginni) Hamer, George Tunnell and Aoife McCann - took up the challenge. Six of the seven volunteer walkers made it home to the Lluc Monastery in times between nine and ten hours. An excellent effort by all involved.

The foundation wishes to thank these seven walkers for their commitment and support to the foundation as well as thanking their sponsors. Although money is still coming in, it anticipates raising some 1,750 euros.

The walkers comments after the event were a little varied. "Not easy, but an amazing experience." "I am aching today, but it was a great experience." "It was a perfect opportunity to help a worthy cause and attempt the walk." The moment we reached Lluc and walked down to the monastery was fantastic. We all felt elated and loved getting our official certificate".

The money raised will commence the financing of the next project of JoyRon Foundation. Following a number of meetings with the management of Son Espases Hospital, the benefit of providing an in-house cinema for the children within the hospital has been identified. The cinema will screen films while the children are in the hospital receiving their medical treatment. This will be a great humane benefit, which will primarily benefit, but not only, those children in palliative care and long-term hospital stay. Many of these children may never have the opportunity to go to the movies.

The children's cinema will have a capacity for some twenty children plus, who can be seated on tiered seating with bright coloured cushions. For the very small children there will be fun mobile seats. Children confined to wheelchairs and/or with intravenous stands will have access to the cinema. The films will be shown on a regular basis, free of charge and will include premiere showings.

It is believed that there is only one hospital in Spain, which is in Madrid, that has such a similar facility. Hopefully Son Espases will soon become the second hospital in Spain to have this facility. Assuming the required funding can be raised fairly quickly, the cinema could be operational by this coming Christmas.

Anyone wishing to support this project, please make a donation via the Fundacion JoyRon website by credit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer at