Cloudy weather? Only one thing to do. Go to Palma. | M.S./M.M.


As could have been predicted, the rain and cloudy weather yesterday resulted in Palma being packed. Residents and tourists alike shunned the beaches and opted to go to the city. Many will probably wish they hadn't bothered, given the traffic and the length of time it was taking to get into car parks.

Palma police activated their "Operación Nube" (Operation Cloud) to try and deal with the traffic. The police can only do so much, though, when the weather is as it was yesterday.

It happens every year, and there have been attempts to publicise the fact and so try and dissuade visitors from going to Palma. But the city naturally holds a big attraction as an alternative to the beaches. And it wasn't only Palma that was inundated by visitors. In Manacor there were traffic tailbacks as well.