Pirate operators have incurred the wrath of drivers of licensed taxis at the airport. | Archive

Calvia police report that they have fined three pirate taxis a total of 18,003 euros and have immobilised the vehicles that were being used.

The traffic division in Calvia say that it is difficult to uncover and prove illegal taxi operations. It therefore undertook a specific and dedicated investigation during July with the aim of detecting offences as they were being committed. Each driver was fined 6,001 euros, the starting amount for a very serious infringement of Balearic transport law.

Since early 2016 when the traffic division was established, there have been 103 controls. Over 4,700 vehicles have been inspected and 263 charges raised for offences against road safety. The division has fifteen officers and it coordinates efforts with the transport ministry. Eight joint police-ministry controls have also been carried out.